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I want to work with my class on reading infographics. We are also wrapping up our “What’s New at the Zoo?” project and going on a field trip to the zoo. ( You can check out our class twitter page for more info @missmacsowls.)  I recently went to the zoo and saved the maps we were given.  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use them in a lesson but put them aside until the week before our field trip. THEN I got a random idea.  We use GoogleDrive in our room. The students know how to collaborate with each other and how to use a Google doc. SO could I create a Google doc that would encourage collaboration, work on tech skills, prepare for the zoo trip, AND work on reading infographics?  I hope I came up with an idea that will work and will also be engaging.

I created a Zoo Map Question Quest!  I am trying it out this week.  I wrote questions that involved recall and inference. Some have one answer but most have several possible answers.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.23.43 PM

The general premise: The class is given the quest and work together to complete it. They will work in groups to answer the questions. Each group will be given a zoo map, an iPad, a keyboard, and a font color. They can answer the questions in any order. There are a few recall questions with only one correct answer. If the group thinks the answer is correct, they will type the word “agree” under the answer.

To answer the questions, the students will need to read not only the map but the information on all parts of the brochure and also the map insert of events for 2015.  The quest will take more than one session. 🙂

What do you think? Do you think it will work? Will this be beneficial for my 2nd graders?  I would love input about this activity.

I will post after the week is over and report what happened.

4 thoughts on “Zoo Map Question Quest

  1. I love this idea! We used maps to plan our trip to the zoo last year. The students worked in groups and planned their route through the zoo. It gave them the power of decision-making and honed their colaboration skills. On the day of our visit, 4 groups went in 4 different directions , but everybody was happy because they chose their own route.I did not get the maps in time for this year’s trip, but I like the idea of a ‘quest” after our trip which will allow them to use map skills.

    • Louise,
      I remember you doing that awesome activity last year. We have so many parents going that they will all be on their own anyway. If you want the google doc, let me know and I can share it with you. Some of the questions will be the same at any zoo.
      When do you go to the zoo? We go on Friday!

  2. Great idea Carol. I had my students make infographs using google draw. If you want to use them feel free to. I will DM you the link.

    I found it helpful that the students understood the features of a graphic text. We also co-constructed success criteria and made a rubric.

    • Jonathan,
      I have fallen in love with Google Draw to make anchor charts and task cards for the class. I have not tried with my class yet. We are about to start our “Big, Bad Wolf” project. In the end they have make a real estate flyer for their project. I may try that with them. I would love the link to your project! Thanks!

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