New at the Zoo: A Survey

Please help my class. We have been collecting data at our school but we would love to collect more outside of our building.

We researched 19 animals that are currently not at our local zoo, The Birmingham Zoo.  After completing research, students used facts from their research to write persuasive letters to their groups explaining why their animal would be best as the group’s animal.  Each member of the group voted on an animal but could not vote on their own animal. Once the animal was chosen, the members of the group worked together to create a presentation for the Birmingham Zoo using the app Explain Everything.Below you can view the persuasive presentation from each group.

Please watch each presentation. Each presentation is between 30 seconds and 1 minute long. After viewing all of the presentations, click the link below them to vote.

Thank you very much!

Miss Mac’s 2nd grade class








White-lipped Deer:

whitelipped deer



Canadian Lynx:










So now that you have heard the presentations, which animal would you like to see at the zoo?

Click the link below to vote:


**All pictures were free to use or share. ( google advanced image search)

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